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Taste the Sweet side of Nature, choose from the honeys produced by the artisan beekeepers of Marmilla, in Sardinia, buy and they will arrive comfortably at your home to delight your breakfasts, brunches and sweet recipes







Honey and Nature

“A bee colony is without a doubt the most beautiful way that nature has to organize the matter and
energy in the space and in the time”


Jurgen Tautz

“Defending bees

We defend our future”

The importance of bees

Bees have a very important role, because they grant nature biodiversity and conservation. The most common bee species in Italy is Apis Mellifica Ligustica Spin called Italian Bee, very productive and tame and loved all around the world.


The Bee is a social insect that live in populous colonies famous for perfection and industriousness.


The bees induce pollination and sure fructify bringing the pollen among flowers.


The Honey is the most known and useful food product from bees and It’s one of the most that keeps better trough time


The house of a bees colony is called beehive and it’s formed by some honeycombs, little constructions made of beeswax and divided in small hexagonal cells

The honey’s benefits

There are several types of honey, based on how the pollination is done by the bees on the flowers. When the bees prevail the nectar from only one flower type we obtain a monofloral honey, for example the acacia, citrus fruits, chestnut honey and so on. Differently, qhen bees prevail the nectar from more flowers, we get the millefiori honey.

Healthy and precious

Honey is mainly composed of sugars like fructose and glucose, but also of other substances like mineral slats, enzymes and vitamins B and C.

Light and Digestible

Honey is lighter and digestible than sugar and it’s the ideal to regain energies and sweeten foods.

Emollient properties

Thanks to the fructose it contains, honey is really famous since antiquity for its emollient proprieties.

Territory and production

The Marmilla, in Sardinia, the pulsating heart of an island where it’s produced one of the most delicious honey in the world.